Regarding a letter from a Township resident

Once again, words cannot accurately describe the gratitude we have for our residents and the support they have been providing to us during this difficult time for law enforcement. We wanted to share a letter we just received from one of our residents. We hope it brightens your day as it did ours.

“I am a black 67 years old, professional retiree, who have lived in the New Hanover Township, Montgomery County for the last 10 years.

As I have read, seen and heard about the community relations between the police and black community and what seem to be a deterioration of communication. I am alarmed and sadden. I am of the opinion that it’s time to speak up and add my personal testimony, experience and interaction with our township police department, which is the New Hanover Police Department, located in Gilbertsville, Pa.

After moving into the Boyertown area, I began to hear many demoralizing stories about the area regarding White and Black relations, which led me to be a little suspicious of the people around me.

The time came which brought me in direct contact with the New Hanover Police Department. Officers. My son, the accountant, who lived out of town came for an overnight visit. Well, he surmised, parking your car in a suburban neighborhood, does not require the diligence and safety precaution that would be need in a large metropolitan area. Oops! He was wrong. Overnight his iphone and ipad, laptop computer, cell phone and other communication devices were stolen from the car. Immediately, he contacted the New Hanover Township Police department to report the missing items.  To my amazement and delight, all of my son’s items were found, recovered and returned in excellence working conditions. All of my son’s sensitive financial information was secure and safely restored. The misguided young white man, who stole the items, was arrested and charged with the crime. This is not an isolated incident with the police in our community. At other times they have come to our aid.

Thanks to a professional, well trained, community-minded outstanding police department, many in our community feel safer. I applaud, commend and support the New Hanover Police Department. I pray to God that we would have more men and women of this caliber serving as guardians of our laws. They go beyond the color of a person’s skin and do what is just in the eyes of the law.

In my concluding statement – Evil and good do not discriminate, they come in all colors, races, sizes, shape and economic status. Be careful not to judge all police by the action of one or more rogue members of a group.  I pray for the misguided young man and for the safety of our community and police department. I pray that the teachings of Jesus would be the guide for us all..


A Black Christian
Personal Testimony”

Once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our residents who have, time and time again, expressed their support for us during these trying times. Through it all, we will continue to faithfully serve the residents and visitors to New Hanover Township to the best of our ability, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, or any other group membership.